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Dr. Daniel P. Stein is a industry-leading expert with a background in neurology.

Are you ready for a customized learning experience? Spend an hour talking with a Board Certified Neurologist expert about how medical alternative treatment can specifically help you.

What to expect:


One-hour online personalized teaching session with you, your family members, and/or other caregivers.


Dr. Stein will discuss your medical history, including symptoms, diagnosis and medications.


The focus of the discussion will be on how alternative treatment may be helpful for your specific problems. Detailed treatment recommendations and ample opportunity for questions will be provided.


Following the conference call, the student will receive a written report including:

  • Summary of discussion
  • Relevant scientific references for clarification and to support ongoing learning
  • Options for a follow-up discussion

These one-hour personalized teaching sessions with the doctor have limited availability.

  • Monday through Friday: 5:30  pm – 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time
  • Cost: $500

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